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Trinity is a neighborhood church in the village of Berwyn, about 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia, 
PA.  The population of Easttown Township where the church is located and nearby Tredyffrin 
Township totals over 39,000. Education is very important to the residents.  The public, K-12, 
schools are highly rated and supported by the community. There are also excellent denominational 
schools. There are many colleges in the area, including Villanova University, Eastern University, 
Haverford College and Swarthmore College.

The transportation sector is an asset given the highways and the rail system. The medical, 
pharmaceutical, and financial sectors are a major economic presence.

It is important to stress that the quality of life in the church’s community appears excellent.
The environment is important to the area’s residents and there are many biking trails and parks
(Valley Forge National Park, Wilson Farm Park, Tea Garden Park, and Jenkins Arboretum). It
is a relatively easy commute to Center City, Philadelphia, New York City and the Jersey Shore.
All of these attributes make Berwyn, PA a desirable place to live.

The town has a positive relationship with the church. We are well established and respected in
the community. The immediate former pastor was a member of the Chamber of Commerce;
participated on a committee on religion and education in the public schools; and was reaching
out to the business community. The building serves as a polling place for elections and a meeting
place for AA. It also houses a non-denominational pre-school. We financially support with a
yearly contribution the nearby senior center and help to provide food to our neighbors in need,
including residents of a nearby low-cost housing unit. The immediate past pastor has been
involved with an ecumenical group to provide worship services at Thanksgiving and on Good
Friday, in addition to public events of current interest. We would like these activities to continue
and to be expanded.

During the tenure of our most recent pastor, property values rose significantly and small business
did well. The larger businesses in the pharmaceutical, medical and financial sectors also thrived.
However, over the last three years, with the downturn in the national economy, local prosperity
has been affected. Lower property values have resulted in a slow real estate market and a decline
in tax revenues to support the towns and school district. Cuts in services are being made, but the
schools remain strong. It appears that the local economy has stabilized.

On a positive note, about the time that our minister was leaving, the church received a large
bequest, which is being used to repair the church and for mission work.