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With respect to the “proclamation of the word”, Trinity has an active and involved Worship 
Committee. The W/C is working with several other committees to support one of the great 
needs of Trinity, which is to maintain the active participation of current members and to
attract new members. The W/C asks itself at every meeting: “what are we doing to nourish
members, attract new members, and keep visitors coming back”. The committee has several
priority items in this area that often overlap with the spiritual fellowship of the congregants. One
item, which is now a year old, is to stress the importance of prayer. The W/C organized a Prayer
Ministry and a monthly Prayer Calendar. Specifically, every Sunday, at least two Prayer Team
members stand at the back of the church and are available to pray with or for someone. This fills
the need for private or confidential prayer that the corporate prayer during the service does not
provide. The Prayer Calendar is written and published on a monthly basis and includes daily
prayers for the church, for the community and/or for world events. It is published in various
church mediums and is posted on the church’s internet site. Another priority item involves
including congregants more directly in the service through lay readers, offering of the Children’s
Sermon, and/or making the announcements. The W/C tries to vary the service by ensuring that
dance, music, dramatic readings, skits by the youth, and guest artists are welcomed and
encouraged. The committee also instituted Lifting Spirits ministry, which provides rides to and
from church.

One long-term item that the committee is working on has to do with significant enhancements 
to Trinity’s technology. The church has added a visual component to the service through A/V 
equipment, but we are working toward a wireless system for the Praise Band and those with 
hearing challenges. We are also researching the expansion of our website/internet service, so 
that homebound congregants, as well as people from the community who are seeking a church 
home, can go to their computers and learn all about Trinity.

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