Election of PNC by the Congregation

  Formation of the team

  Study of church systems

  Election of a Chair, and other positions

  Meeting with Presbytery Representative

  Research for and writing of the Church Information Form (CIF)

  Approval of the CIF by TPC Session

  Approval of the CIF by Presbytery Committee on Ministry

  Posting of CIF on PCUSA website

  Reception of Personal Information Forms (PIFs -- Applications)

  Evaluation of PIFs

  Creation of a "short list"

  Contacts established with candidates

  Phone/Skype interviews

  Field narrowed to a few top candidates

  Visits to prospective pastors in their churches

  Reference checks

  Prospective pastor visits TPC

  Prospective pastor meets with Presbytery Committee on Ministry (COM)

  Nominee chosen by PNC

  Invitation extended to accept the call

  Negotiation of the terms of call

  Prospective pastor meets again with COM during a regular COM meeting

  Presbytery COM grants approval of the nominee

  Preparation of a report to the congregation

  Presentation of the nominee to the congregation

  Congregation votes on the PNC’s nomination of and terms of call for the pastor

  Installation of the new pastor



Jim Hatfield

Denny Leeper

Sally Bovais

Steve Fenwick

Tracy Flanagan

Sandra  Forbes-Bennett

Chris Snyder

Gina Larson

Cam McCormack