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History - Continued

A memorable opportunity to serve was presented in 1975 when Trinity sheltered 83 refugees, many of them orphans, fleeing the collapse of South Vietnam. For over two weeks they were housed, fed, clothed, and provided medical care while arrangements were made to match community resources with human needs. Freedoms Foundation honored Trinity and selected Rev. Bohl to receive its Humanitarian Activities Award. Subsequently, two smaller groups of Vietnamese refugees were settled and cared for in Berwyn by the church.

In the final two decades of the twentieth century, Trinity Presbyterian Church, as most other churches in the nation, was seriously affected by the growing decline of spiritual morality in America. The religious breakdown of church ministry in general and rising secular influences in our society led to significant church membership loss, including substantial losses at Trinity. As a result, excess capacity of Trinity facilities to serve a dwindling congregation during this time became a major concern.

To counter this challenge, Trinity, over a period of years, expanded the utilization of its educational wing (nursery school) for financial benefit through rental income. Alcoholics Anonymous chapters began conducting weekly evening seminars, and programs that appealed to new church members met with some success. A Praise Band was organized to enhance the musical offerings of Sunday morning worship services. A dance ensemble was also added to worship in a new and creative way. To meet the age of growing modern technology development in churches around the country, Trinity began to video record Sunday services. These recordings now appear on Comcast Cable TV Channel 2 five times weekly to increase the church’s visibility and perception throughout the Main Line, PA community. All of these developments have occurred under the enlightened ministry and guidance of Trinity’s previous minister, Reverend Jay Wilkins.

On the cover of the church worship bulletin, the mission statement reads “…a family community of faith and fellowship. We are called to passionately answer the call of God by sharing with all people the Good News of Jesus Christ, growing in a relationship with Christ and with one another, and dedicating our church to serve in His name.” This is the past, present, and future history of a resilient Trinity Presbyterian Church of Berwyn.