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COVID-19 Update

The well-being of our community, spiritually and physically, is of the utmost importance to those of us in leadership at Trinity Presbyterian Church.

The Presbytery of Donegal Leader Team and COM (Connecting Our Ministries Commission) has mandated that all congregations cease in person worship through March 31, 2020 and postpone activities until after that time. Trinity Presbyterian Church is following the directive. 

We must face the possibility that in-person worship may not be able to proceed for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday, unless the CDC is able to relax guidelines before then.

It’s Time to Respond to the Needs in Our Communities

With an anticipated 8-Week shutdown, there are needs everywhere! Check your local newspapers and agencies for opportunities to partner and volunteer.

Right now, the American Record Cross is reporting a Severe Blood Shortage, and that Donors are Urgently Needed. Up-to-Date information on Blood Drive locations and times can be found on their website www.redcrossblood.org or by calling 1-800-733-2767.

It’s Time to Be Proactive in Stewardship

Please continue to be faithful in supporting our congregation’s ministries by sending in your pledge, or pledging online at: https://goo.gl/eLbtzH

It’s Time to Connect with God, Nature, Each Other and the Blessings that Sustain

Friends, we are in this for the long-haul. Life will not be same. Not for a long time, and not in the same way. We are going to find “new normals.”

Be gentle with yourself, with others, and continue the practices that sustain your soul. Wintherthur Gardens in Delaware has opened their vast estate to the public, free of charge to walk the grounds. As of this moment, they’re still open. Check their website here before you go. If you go, please practice social distancing.

Remember that Jesus said not to be surprised at tribulations, and that God’s presence is as sure as the budding trees.

Some members with the gift of compassion are sending cards regularly to vulnerable members. In addition to caring for those who are more senior and isolated, don’t forget college students and families who now have to manage care and explaining this new world to their kids.

We commend to you the simple joys. A from-scratch soup. A book you’ve been saving. The Great British Baking Show. A walk in the fresh air. Time to catch up on the phone with those you’ve lost touch with. Time for exercise. The Lenten ceasing of life’s busy-ness. The Love of God.

Be Responsible

While we cannot control the spread or impact of the virus, we’re doing everything possible to maximize the safety of our church, making it a safe place for all. Thank you for helping us do just that.

If you are sick (with any illness) please stay home until you are well. Even a mild cold shared among vulnerable populations can weaken immune systems from fighting bigger illnesses. And if we're being honest, sneezes, sniffles, and coughs unnecessarily increase anxiety right now. If you have traveled to areas with COVID-19 community spread, please limit your in-person interaction with the community until you are sure you are not contagious.

We also ask that if you are a high-risk population for this virus that you use your judgment about your needs and risk factors and make the best decision for yourself. We at the church cannot make that decision for you.

We will continue to hold the congregation, our communities, and the larger world in prayer. Especially we ask God for clear heads, non-anxious hearts, and healing for those who need it.

Stay Informed

As the status of COVID-19 changes, it is important to stay up to date on the latest information from the following organizations: