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Welcome, Trinity Presbyterian Church members! 

Please sign in to access content intended for the use of officers and members only.

To access the Trinity Intranet site, you need a Google account.  If you have an existing Google account, you should be able to login as long as you were given permissions to the site by the administrator.  Access is currently managed by the site admin John Ward.   You would have received and email with your invitation to the site.

If you have a Google Account, click here now to login to the Trinity Intranet site.

If you do NOT have a Google Gmail account, you can create one and get a new gmail address or you can use your existing (non-google) email address.   To create a google account, click on the below link:

If you want to use your existing non-gmail email address, on the Google Accounts creation page just below the "Choose your username" field is a link that you will want to click, called "I prefer to use my current email address".

Finally, when logging into the intranet using a non-gmail account, remember to select the "Sign in with a different account" option on the logon page.

Other Members Links:

Trinity E-Mail System:  mail.trinityberwyn.com

Website Administrators - Click here to login to update the main website.

Site Admin:  Click here to logon.

Google Drive:  docs.trinityberwyn.com